Entrepreneurship Support

We collaborate with public and private sector entrepreneurship programs – which are helping more entrepreneurs to succeed.

Entrepreneurs are important!

Entrepreneurs create innovation, economic growth and challenge competitors to improve.
Entrepreneurs make valuable contributions to the development of societies. They contribute to the growth of companies and help individuals fulfill their potential.

Managing the entrepreneurial journey!

Navigating between different support programs on offer can be challenging for entrepreneurs and assigning each entrepreneur to the right program can be difficult for the advisors.

Collaboration between programs should be organized in a structured support flow that connects the dots between what will be the right program, workshop, course or incubator for each entrepreneur.

We bring together markets and technologies. We do this in many ways. We carry out market research, talk to experts and observe users. We investigate trends and factors impacting market success. We develop business models and strategic concepts together with our customers.

We transfer technologies to new markets. We network players in a given industry and make them more visible internationally.

Our interdisciplinary team enjoys challenging assignments and develops customised solutions.